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Balanced Scorecard Software Consultants Template

Consultancy Services

Performance Analytics Limited has been renamed Corporate Insight Solutions Ltd

Please visit this page on our new web site www.corporateinsight.co.uk/balanced-scorecard

Balanced Scorecard Consultancy, Training & Implementation

We offer comprehensive balanced scorecard consultancy, training and implementation services across diverse market sectors. We provide senior executives, managers and employees access to highly visual, real-time views of performance, coordinated with clearly specified business strategies, objectives and targets.

Having created the strategic objectives on the strategy map, we then define those critical success factors and key performance indicators that will indicate how effectively the strategic objectives are performing. In essence, building up a performance hierarchy or balanced scorecard template of strategically aligned measures.

Once complete, the next step involves looking at each measure separately in order to assess whether the data to support the measure already exists. If the data does exist, then we define a method for importing / inputting. If it does not yet exist, we identify a process to generate the data.  Once agreed we then look at the other measure properties such as target and alarm values.
These models, when developed, implemented and executed, not only deliver a highly effective corporate performance system, but, if formulated with strategically aligned, cascading departmental/business unit scorecard models,  will significantly boost the commitment from employees, thereby ensuring a greater understanding of the business as a whole.      

This is achieved when employees gain access to first-hand information of how their own individual objectives and targets directly affect the vision, strategies and initiatives of their organisation. When individual activities are combined with the company objectives and communicated through the strategy map and balanced scorecard, organisations will be able to create a culture that encourages the achievement of both personal and corporate goals.      

With the implementation of a web-based balanced scorecard software system, we are able to facilitate advanced monitoring and evaluation of corporate, departmental and individual performance.

We empower users to identify the integral detail of each performance measure. By obtaining information from associated graphs and reports, users can identify trends and other useful details to better evaluate the consequences of cause and effect and accordingly, plan and execute corrective actions.


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