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Delivering Client Satisfaction


We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we build with our clients.

Our approach is to deliver an outstanding level of service to a smaller number of highly valued clients and as a result develop mutually beneficial long term relationships that deliver real strategic value.

Here is a summary of some recent engagements:

Manufacturer:  Asia
Business Issue - to develop a cascading performance management model across a number of departments rolling up to a consolidated corporate model.

National Charity:
Business Issue -
to develop a performance management framework across multiple operational units in order to provide a coherent strategic management  approach across the organisation as a whole.

Life Sciences Company:

Business Issue – to provide company-wide access to process maps, capturing all manufacturing and development processes. Also to provide a comprehensive performance management capability capturing all strategic measures.

Global leader in pharmaceuticals & health care:
Business Issue – to provide an enterprise wide balanced scorecard system to align the corporate strategy to operational measures.

Health and Leisure Organisation:
Business Issue – to provide an enterprise wide performance management system delivering strategic management information to both corporate HQ and individual leisure centres.

Global Business Services Organisation:
Business Issue – the need to develop a risk management and health & safety compliance system, spanning 140 separate businesses, across 40 countries.

Global Logistics Organisation: Central Europe
Business Issue
– to provide a performance management system specifically designed to measure the performance of the organisation's global Comms and IT department.

Global Finance Company:
Business Issue – the need for improved strategic performance measurement.

Global Shipping Company: Northern Europe
Business Issue – to provide an environmental management system. Obtaining key data directly from the ship and producing a number of highly focused performance models, to meet the demands of both onshore and ship based teams.

Regional Law Firm:
Business Issue – the need to drive the five year plan, the objective of which is to build the firm’s reputation as the most customer focussed provider of quality legal and financial services within its chosen geographic area.

Result – the development of a cascaded scorecard framework, rolled out across all manufacturing cells and consolidated at a corporate level.

– through a series of workshops, both corporate and departmental strategy maps and scorecard models were developed and rolled out across the organisation. Each departmental strategy map strategically aligned to the corporate map to ensure strategic alignment throughout.

Result – the deployment of QPR’s ProcessDesigner and Metrics systems, enabling complete visibility of all processes and strategic measures. The solution allows the linking of process steps to key performance indicators, therefore not only viewing a process, but actually understanding how well that process is doing in relation to its targets etc.

Result – the deployment of a balanced scorecard system, delivering key performance data, measuring across a number of organisational disciplines, including finance, sales, consumer activity, and internal process.

Result – the deployment of a multi centre performance management framework, providing highly focussed and detailed; sales, client, membership, safety, and consumer based information; at an individual centre level,  a multi-centre contract level and at a corporate ‘consolidated’ level.

Result – the deployment of a tailored risk management and health & safety compliance system, delivering compliance performance data to the senior management teams, through a highly visual, automated, web-based, scorecard system.

– the deployment of a global IT services performance framework.

– the deployment of a balanced scorecard system to over 500 employees across the organisation.

– deployed an environmental management system (EMS) providing both ship based personnel and the shore based staff with the key information required, in order to allow each of the respective teams to be able to monitor the performance of their environmental indicators, in line with ISO 14001.  

– the deployment of a tailored performance management system that provides both partners and individual fee earners with the ability to monitor their individual, departmental and corporate performance; through a wide range of specifically created key performance indicators, designed to meet the strategic objectives of the organisation.

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